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Acceptance letters for Rose State College spring "09" semester?

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I applied to Rose State nursing school for the beginning track R.N. for the spring semester "09". Does anyone know when they send their letters of acceptance out for the spring?

I would also like to know why it takes some people 2 or 3 try's to get in to this program. Is it because you didn't have enough points? Or is there some other reason?

I ended up with 142 points and my husband applied with 134. We have heard plenty of opinions and stories but i would like to know if anyone else on this board can share their experience.

Thanks in advance, Sherrie.

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hi, I was told that the letters would go out around Thanksgiving, but the girl did not get any more specific than that. I would also love to know when they will go out. I think that both you and your husband have an excellent chance of getting in with those points. Yeah! :yeah:I was told that the cutoff is usually between 125-135, however, it can vary depending on the number of applicants and their points. Sounds like you will get in though. If anyone knows better on when the letters go out, I would love to know also!

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