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I haven't been on in years--and since my first post, I have nearly finished an entire UG degree (but I have been lurking all this time!) I am hoping to gain some guidance from current/past Michigan students that have knowledge about the ABSN degree options.

(to spare you some reading, I am focusing more on MSU and Wayne but open to anywhere)

Heres the situation- I have a year left after this last semester of my UG, which is a humanities degree, no science courses. I am a bit ahead on my degree but still need some credits to graduate and can take any class I want, so I am going to take two nursing pre-recs my final year. This summer I start a CNA course and plan on working as CNA for the next 1.5-2 years (until I can get into a nursing program). I also, assuming I am accepted into the program, plan on starting hospital volunteer work this summer as well.

So far my college experience has had nothing to do with nursing. Despite knowing it was my calling since high school, I was discouraged by the family and took a different path. So I am starting from scratch in regards to building a solid application/work experience.

I had a very rough start to college, with no valid excuse. I simply wasnt focused. My UG GPA is not good and even though I have gotten my act together and plan on keeping it that way until graduation, in theory my GPA will only come out to be around a 3.2-3ish , though best case scenario it could end up closer to a 3.45 if I mostly 4.0 the rest of college (not likely, Arabic is my focus and it is HARD)

Then I'll have more pre-recs to take, which of course I'd love to say will be a 4.0 but realistically knowing myself and my abilities, I'll throw an estimate of about 3.7 (science is actually my thing, so had I picked a stem field as my major my UG gpa would probably not have suffered so harshly)

So by the time I want to begin applying to ASBN programs I will have around

3.25 cumulative GPA

3.7 Pre rec GPA (God willing!)

1.5 + years CNA experience

1.5+ years hospital volunteer experience

This will all be taken at Western Michigan, except for some pre-recs which will be taken at a CC.

I have done individual research on all the state schools programs but their "minimum" for everything doesn't seem to compare to the truth, from what I see on these and other boards.

So I am hoping someone can tell me what schools are out of reach with my (possible) final GPAS. As I am trying to make solid plan right now, and I've noticed most of the schools different pre-rec requirments, I dont wanna wastes my time on pre-recs I wont need (one school I saw required cultural anthro/sociology when none of the others did for example)

Ideally I would want to live with one of my parents or family members, so I'd like to stay close to Lansing. Michigan State is my first choice. I have read they like very high GPA but I have read two post on this site about people with pretty average GPA's getting in, so I'm hoping for some insight on this program? This is number one for me because I'd save SO much money AND have a guaranteed job working for the family store where I could pick and choose my hours without repercussion...cant find that really anywhere else.

Wayne is also ideal, because in the long run I want to be a Midwife and they have a solid Midwife program + and Detroit is the only city in MI I would consider settling in permanently. Its also not so far away that I couldnt commute from Lansing.

BUT seeing as I am not a competitive student with my GPA's, I will go ANYWHERE without complaint! Those are just my preferences.

I really dont want to do the two year program at a CC, then try for ASBN. I want to at least try for ASBN from the start. I am ready to be done with school!

I want to note, I have read every all nurses post on these schools I could get my hands on but most are very old! So I know a lot of this info has been covered, but stats from 2008 aren't very helpful /:

If you got this far, thanks for reading, I appreciate any feedback!

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Hello, I'm currently in MSU's accelerated program. My cohort's average GPA was 3.57, but I know many people in the program whose GPA was quite a bit below that. Even if your GPA is a little on the low side, I think you have a shot with all your CNA experience and if you have a killer personal statement.

I don't know about Wayne, but there can be a lot of driving if you're in MSU's program. There's only two hospitals in Lansing, so you sometimes have to drive over an hour to clinicals. Most of the further clinicals are in the Detroit area, but are also in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek. This is probably the biggest drawback to the program. They state on the website that you get to rank your clinical choices. This is NOT true. They just put you wherever unless you have extenuating circumstances. Driving far distances probably wouldn't be an issue at Wayne since there are so many hospitals in the area, but it's something to look into.

Another thing to keep in mind is that MSU has a smaller Detroit cohort. If you decide that living in Detroit is important to you, this would be a good option if you're unable to get into Wayne.

I know a lot of MSU grads end up in the Detroit area after graduating, so don't feel like you have to go to Wayne if you want to end up in Detroit. Being able to live with family in East Lansing would save you so much money.

If you can, apply to both. I know that all the schools have different pre-reqs, but I think MSU's and Wayne's were pretty similar. I believe LCC has a second-degree program that's the same length as an ABSN and might be worth looking into.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about MSU's program.



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What are your opinions on the safety of Detroit. I got accepted to the CD2 program starting this may and will have to move there from the west coast. And I was able to get in with a 2.94 cumulative GPA about a 3.5 pre-req GPA. I believe the holistic approach they used really helped!