Accelerated program with a 4 yr old possible?

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I got accepted into a full-time 15 month MSN program. It's a direct entry MSN program. Do you think it's possible to do go through with the program with a 4 yr old? She'll be in Kindergarten when I start.


I haven't done an accelerated program, but I started my nursing program when my daughter was 6 weeks old, worked part-time in the college pathology lab, had my son during the summer break between 3rd-4th year, and worked full time nights during the weekend my final year. It all depends on your want (and how much sleep you need to function). My only support was a fantastic neighbor/babysitter. It can be done. The fact that she's in kindergarten might even make it easier. She won't notice you're gone during the day. Good luck!

Thank you handkeswife,

You really had a lot on your plate when you went through school! I'm fortunate enough to not have to work during school. We don't have any family close by (3 hrs away driving). But I want this so bad. I can't believe I got accepted so quick too.

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