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Hello all!

I'm currently a junior at Georgia State University and hope to apply for the accelerated BSN program for Spring 2016. I'm a little apprehensive about applying due to the expected course schedule. (19 hours the first semester :nailbiting: etc.)

If anyone has a moment to tell me their experience with the accelerated program then I would GREATLY appreciate it. Also if you have any tips or advice,that would be awesome! I'm just a little nervous and want to hear about your experience.

I hope to hear from someone soon!


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Hello I have a question for you pls,.. Can I take nursing pre-req at GSU as postbaccalurate student before applying for nursing school, I already have first degree and planning on going for ACE program at GSU but I don't know which school I can apply to get the pre-req before applying and transferring my credits

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So, do you already have a degree? You say you are a junior but no mention of a previous degree. ABSN programs are for those that already have a degree in another field.

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Mzestee: I'm pretty sure you can take your pre-reqs anywhere as long as they transfer over. I would call georgia state and ask them.

Heathermaizey: Georgia state offers an accelerated nursing program for those with no prior degree. It's a four semester degree track with no breaks. Instead of the six semester traditional track with summers off.