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Accelerated nursing students or West Coast University students!!


Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of entering into the BSN program at WCU in Ontario. I have previously entered a nursing program that I dropped out of :( looking back (3 years ago) I realized I didn't have the right outlook of why I was in the program, I didn't have my priorities right, and that I was too young (19 years old) Now 3 years later and just been working I realized what I really want and decided I am ready! So my question is if you did go to west coast university how did you like it? I'm not asking if it was easy I'm asking if you liked the program, did the teachers care?, Do teachers help you if you need extra help? Now for general questions for students in an accelerated program what advice would you give me? I know it's going to be hard but quite frankly I'm so scared of failure and the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with it. Is there any nursing tutoring or support groups around that I can go to? Thank you for your time!!

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Did you started the program if so can you share any information. like what clases you are taking, schedule, tuition and if you are working? I will start next month Aug 24, and going to orientation on aug 13?