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Accelerated nursing Program


Hi all,

Come this January I will be the entering a 12-month nursing program for my BSN. I have been told it is a very intense program that requires a lot of time and energy. As of now I work a full-time job that I rely on for my own financial stability. There is no way that I can see my self becoming a part-time employee or quitting. My question is if anybody has heard of someone or has personally completed the program while still working? Is this impossible or do-able with a lot of work? By the way, I work nights from 7-3am, 5 days a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

shibaowner, MSN, RN, NP

Has 1 years experience.

There is no way that you can complete a 12 month ABSN while working full time! And I doubt you could work part time, either.

If you want to keep working full time, then you have to look for a part time BSN program.

You should have completed your FAFSA. There are scholarships available and loans, as well. That is how you support yourself for one year.

Good luck.

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

I don't think it would be possible. I recently completed a 15 month BSN and school easily chewed up 50 hours/week. My classmates who held jobs during the program worked very part-time (think 5 hours/week work study or on-call at prior places of employment picking up a few odd shifts during school but mostly working breaks only.)

I do urge you to look into your options for financial aid including loans, scholarships, and grants, and calculating how much you can save between now and when the program starts, as well as any means of reducing expenses while in school. If you still cannot survive financially; look into part-time programs (BSN or ASN) that allow for students to continue employment while studying.