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(I posted thsi on the Canadian thread, but realized I should have posted it here)

Can anyone please offer me some advice? I have a bachelor's degree & recently moved back to MB with the intention of completing a BSN by the accelerated program at the U of M. It wasn't until I quit my good job, bought a house and moved here that I found out that all the U of M's published material, (website, 2004-2005 Calendar and Registration Guide) actually lies about offering an accelerated program. That program is only continuing for those who are currently in it and is no longer available to new students. I found this out when I made an appointment with an academic advisor to inquire about the following statement that I found on the website and in the Calendar & Reg Guide; (I am missing one of the high school chemistry courses so I didn't get in this year)

"NOTE: The curriculum and admission criteria for this program are under review. Students intending to meet admission requirements after 2004 should consult a student advisor."

The advisor knew absolutely nothing about the above statement, proceeded to make a guess about what the change may be and made no attempt whatsoever to confirm her guess or let me know how I could confirm her guess. I didn't push it because I was already so upset about finding out that if I wanted to go to school It was going to take me 4 full years and I would be forced to take the summers off of school and go work some McJob instead. I guess I'm venting a bit, but is there anyone else out there who is in my position? (have a degree, wants BSN but has no opportunity for an acclerated program)

The ony thing that will save this is if someone knows of a Canadian university that offers a nursing degree through distance learning....

Thanks for listening! I am sooooo frustrated!!!!

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