Accelerated CNA Program?


Hi, I'm currently a senior, graduating next May at CSU Long Beach for my BA for Human Development/minor in sociology.

I am determined to apply for an entry level MSN program after graduating, but I understand it is pretty competitive. I've gotten 2 B's on my pre-reqs, but the rest A's, although I haven't had an official GPA calculation. Due to my full time in school, I haven't had much work experience and money is tight, especially after I graduate. I was thinking instead of volunteering in a hospital for a year, I could find an accelerated CNA program which I could complete (preferably within 4-6 weeks, but definitely under 8 weeks.) I've been hearing that taking the route form CNA to RN gives really great experience, but can really kill the drive to be an RN eventually.

I want to know a few things:

1) Have any RNs gone this route and found it to be helpful? If not, are there any other work suggestions you guys can recommend I do for a year in order to give me an edge for getting into a ELMSN program?

2) If you suggest I take the CNA route, do you know of any schools that offer this program? I have been looking into Red Cross, but they're not currently offering any CNA training classes within 25 miles of Long Beach, or Los Angeles.

I've worked in medical offices for a few years in the past as a "medical assistant" (neurology clinic and chiropractic office.) I'm not sure this is really helpful at all because I've never held a license for MA. I just helped the doctors with various patient treatments.


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Great! That's a giant help! How do you like being a CNA?


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Hello! I'm also interested in pursuing the entry level MSN program and I was wondering if you were accepted into the schools of your choice with all of the experiences you have. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your response :)