Accelerated BSN programs/questions


Hello all! I just joined this forum and am looking for some answers about ABSN programs out there. I've always been interested in medicine and science but recently figured out that I really want to go into nursing as a career (this site definitely helped me with this realization!). I'm currently an English major at a generic state university with a 3.75 gpa, and occasionally write for the student newspaper. I'm going to start volunteering at a local hospital to get some valuable experience. I'm tentatively looking at applying to get into a program for fall 2010/May 2011.

My big question is for people who are in/have gone through an ABSN program:

1. What university did you attend and what did you like about it? - I keep looking up programs through websites, but it doesn't take the place of someone's actual experience.

and an other part of the question is (this is geared towards anyone really)

2. Based off of my academic profile I mentioned, what are things I can do to really bump up the level of college I could attend? (other than studying intensely for pre-reqs like A&P, Microbio, etc to get a 4.0) Financial aid is also critical, so if any of you know good websites to look at in regards to scholarships, I would be very grateful.

Sorry this is a long post, and I appreciate tremendously anyone who can give me any advice.:wink2:


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