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accelerated BSN/MSN programs in California

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Hi everyone! :]

I'm currently researching different schools that have accelerated BSN or accelerated masters-level entry programs in California.

I'm in my third year at a UC right now, double-majoring in exercise biology and music. Before I realized that nursing was a much better fit for me, I started off on the pre-med track, so I ended up taking the ochem series that failed half the class. I barely scraped through the last two quarters with C-'s, and I got C's in general chemistry. I have around a 3.2 overall right now, but I've been working hard on improving in all my classes, so there is an upward trend. However, since I've taken so many classes already (I average over 20 units per quarter, and the school keeps telling me to graduate), I'm not sure that'll make much of a difference in my GPA, and I know some of the programs don't take C-'s, so I was wondering if I should retake chemistry at a different school, just to show them that I've improved since then?

I'm also wondering if anyone here is in one of the accerelated programs in California, and if so, could you please tell me about it (e.g. what you like/dislike about it, how you did before you went there, etc.)?

Any and all replies would be greatly appreciated! :] Thank you!

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