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Accelerated BSN degrees and Entry Level Masters Programs



Has anyone else noticed that universities keep dumping their ABSN programs and lighting fire to their entry level masters programs?

Every time I find a program that I like and that isn't $75,000 to $100,000 (like SMU, Cal Baptist and Azusa), I find out that the university NO LONGER offers the program anymore. I will finish my psychology and English BAs in a year and most of the programs require I have my degree in September (not possible) so I have to wait an entire 9 months just to apply! And if the university does offer year round admissions its usually due to the fact that they are a private university that charges your first born to attend. I don't know about any of you, but I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and my first BAs already cost a good amount. My friend who got into the ABSN SMU program in Sacramento was booted out in her 9th month (3/4 of the way into the program) because her private loan lender (Wells Fargo) decided that she needed a co-signer! YEAH RIGHT! Do you know how hard it is to ask someone to jump onto a 50k student loan with you??!

This is insane. I have done all my pre-recs for nursing, will have a bonafide degree from the 6th best public university in the country and I can't afford to do the actual job I want because programs are closing left and right or are becoming extraordinarily expensive to pay for because most of them are private! Bachelor's degrees only allow for a 57k Federal loan lifetime limit and I already used a good deal of that for my 4-year degree. How the hell are you supposed to qualify for a 75k loan for a private university when you just got done with your first BA and are already broke and in debt?

On top of that, if it isn't a private university, it is a public that takes 2 years or more to complete just a Bachelor's. So I looked into the ELMN and Long Beach, Sonoma and Dominquez Hills have discontinued their programs, which were within a decent time frame (whereas the others are 4 year programs). Cal LA requires you apply for their master's program and are first considered a BS student for the first year so that you only qualify for 12,500 in federal loans and have to take out supplemental private loans.

I am very frustrated and don't know what to do at this point. All I know is that I can't take out a 50-75k loan and I don't want to be in school until I'm 33. I want to pay off the loans I already have and actually make some money in the field I've worked so hard to get into. ARG!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone gotten into a decently timed and affordable program in CA?