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Accelerated BSN advice

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I currently have two prerequisite courses to finish, and then I will be applying to an accelerated BSN program. My son will be 26 months at the start of the program (he is currently 12 months old). My husband and I know that we want to have a second child, but we are having a difficult time sorting out our plan and timing.

I know the program is intensive, and I know that I will need a lot of help to get through the program successfully. Is waiting to begin the program and having a second child before the program just going to make it harder (or impossible?). Is getting through the program, passing boards, and then having a child almost immediately afterward going to limit my job gaining abilities? Will an employer see that I graduated and took time off to have a second child and bypass my application for someone who entered the job field immediately?

Some information that may help with advice, (please note, I know there is no right or wrong answer, but guidance and advice from those who are or who have been in similar situations are appreciated.) I am currently 27, I would be 29 upon graduating with the BSN. My first pregnancy had minimal side effects (no morning sickness, swelling, etc.). My husband is 15 years older than I am. We are concerned about having too large of an age gap between our children, we would like them to be close, but I don't want to feel rushed into having another baby either. We are financially comfortable with just my husband working (I am currently staying home, and I have been since our son was born).

Also, we do not live near family, so since our son was born, we have had no outside help. We will have to employ a nanny to help with childcare. My husband's parents may be moving closer to offer some help, but it will not be full-time child care.

Thank you for any guidance you may have!