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Hi, everyone:

I am a pre-nursing student, I worked full time and taking pre-req part time from this September.

I have a BA in business, and MA in Economics. I am looking for an accelerated BSN/ADN/Diploma program that is fully accredited by NLN and State Board of Nursing that takes 12 to 16 month full-time study and can prepare me for a RN license and career.

I have looked at some accelerated BSN program, the cost is prohibitive to me.

I heard that some nursing programs, when a student got admitted, he/she automatically has the option to sign a future work contract and get the stipend/tuition assistance. Does anybody know this kind of program and can anybody give me some informaton on this? It will be such a big relief to me if I know there is a job for me when I graduate.


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It's not accelerated, per se, but the University of Portland works in conjunction with Providence Health Systems. They have a Providence Scholars program that pays 100% of tuition for Junior and Senior years (you would start as a Junior if you are a transfer student who has completed all the prerequisites). In exchange, you agree to work full-time for one of the several Providence hospitals for 3 years. You also have to pay tax on the scholarship, which comes directly out of your paycheck over the 3 year period.

University of Portland's BSN program is 2 years long (actually it starts at the end of August and goes straight through until graduation in May... so it's more like 21 months. They also have a spring start (which starts in January).

I don't know where you live, but I hope that helps some.


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Thanks for the information, I will look at the program. Sounds attractive.

Currently I live in New Jersey, before that, I lived in New England area. Right now I am free to move and I don't really care much about the location of the nursing school.


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Northern Kentucky University's accelerated BSN program has a work agreement with St Elizabeth Hospital--you sign before you start, and it's a 2 year agreement, they pay your entire tuition. I considered their program, but I think I'm going to do an ADN to avoid the two years of prereqs (I have an accounting degree, so I don't even have Biology or Chem since high school).


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but I think I'm going to do an ADN to avoid the two years of prereqs (I have an accounting degree, so I don't even have Biology or Chem since high school).

Actually I am the same as you with the bachelor's degree. My business degree is with a concentration in Accounting. Taking these pre-reqs will take me at least one and half year.


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Yeah, that's what I figured too, a year and a half to two years depending on when they offer the classes. I have to work full time right up to the point where I start school, and I have an 8 year old daughter that I like to see occasionally! So I'm not going to take any classes until I'm actually in the program. I also want to work part time while going to school, and my friends in the accelerated programs have said that working if you have a family while in that program is just impossible.


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Check Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. They have an agreement to waive your tuition in agreement to work after graduation. Also, there is an accelerated program in Arizona that will do the same. You will have to do a search for it. I am in a 11 month accelerated program and it is expensive. I did receive a partial scholarship from a hospital in Ga to help with cost.

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