ABSN questions and COST?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Okay, so long story short. I am trying to get back into Nursing. A few years ago, I was in Nursing school (CANADA). Honestly, nothing in my life was working out. got through 2.5 years than my life kinda just fell apart.


Now, flash forward to me now a few years later. I am now getting back into school. I am taking Computer Science. degree The more and more I think about it, the more I realize that I really regret not being able to finish the Nursing program. These thoughts have been festering for quite a while now. They have culminated into the desire to go become a Nurse the minute I am done this comp sci program. I feel like it's definitely possible. I am older now, more mature. And above all, I know what to expect. 


I need your help. I would be forever grateful for any advice, guidance, or insight you could give me regarding ABSN programs and my situation. I've been doing some research into what options I have. My questions really boil down to 4 main ones, and many other not so pressing questions.


1) Any Canadian citizen go to a US school for an ABSN? How was the process as an international student?


2) I have the option of completing a 3yr Bachelor by December 2023 (90 credits). Unfortunately this is a Canadian degree. Most USA absns want a 4yr degree. Have any of you been able to skirt by?

I know of some programs like mchs (mercy college health sci) only have the requirement of 68 credits. 


3) Do you guys know of any other ABSN programs (less than 15 months) that don't require the full 120 credit undergrad to get in? Preferrably programs without too many hoops to jump through (reference letters, etc). 


4) Are the smaller ABSN programs in smaller towns very competitive in your experience? I am trying to do well in all my classes right now. But computer science is hard. I maintain like a 70-75% average. I do plan on redoing the pre reqs and scoring as high as possible. 




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