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ABSN 12 months vs. 15-16 Months?

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Hi y'all! So I'm a pre-nursing student. Taking Microbiology online. It is the last pre-req that I need to take. I already started applying to a few schools here in GA where I live. However, since I have family in Connecticut, Florida, and New York I figured I'd apply to programs in those states too. I want to hear back from anyone that's attended or applied to ABSN programs. If you've attended what was your experience like? what state did you go to school in? How long was your program? (12 months, 15 or 16 months)?

I'm also looking up schools in neighboring states such as AL, TN, & KY. I'm pretty much open to relocating almost anywhere. 

About me: 30 year old female, 2 prior degrees in criminal justice & forensic psychology. Originally I wanted to be a forensic psychologist but now the goal is to become a psych np (in case my username wasn't a dead giveaway) 🙂 

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