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ABSN goal instead of traditional route

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Ok, this post is going to be a long one..I can feel it! 

Has anyone purposely gotten a 100% online Bachelors degree in something besides nursing, even though they KNOW they want to do the ABSN program later on?

We are a military family & i'm a STAHM. My huge dilema is that I don't have enough time to complete any nursing programs while at our current duty station. We are here another 2 years & i still need my pre-reqs done. I don't want to only be able to do pre-reqs when it's possible to knock out a bachelors degree( I am looking at a at your own pace school & would be committed full time..possible to complete in 2-3yrs instead of 4) and just go straight to a ABSN when we transfer to a new area. 

If i only do pre-reqs for now..it'll be another 4 years from now before I can even get my ADN..

(I'm 30 yrs old BTW and want to starting working ASAP)

My other option would be the LPN route, but can't start until next summer which isn't a huge deal..but i'd still have to do the bridge plus BSN after that.

My thoughts are that at least with a bachelors degree in a different field, I have an actual degree and utilize that if i wanted. I'm thinking Healthcare management or healthcare coordinator so it's closely related. 

Hit me with all the advice! Military lifestyle can be a real downer sometimes.

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