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ABSN or Direct entry MSN?

by yjsheen yjsheen (New) New Student

Seeking some advice here!

I got accepted to multiple ABSN programs: GW, Emory, Rush, Drexel, and waitlisted at Hopkins. Few of the schools, I would graduate with BSN degree and the other with MSN degree. I want to eventually go into CRNA program. I cannot decide which program I would go for. Whether it matters if you have BSN or MSN as fresh grad? I am debating whether to attend a BSN program that would be shorter (11-15 mos) then work the min 1-2 yrs for CRNA programs then go to CRNA school or attend MSN program for longer (24mos) then still have to work the min yrs of experience for CRNA program, but have that MSN Clinical Nurse Leader title. Also I wonder if more well-known schools have advantage in the future for me? HELP HERE, as I need to pay my non-refundable deposit soon!!

I recently went through this same debate. For me, the ABSN made the most sense. The program was somewhat cheaper, and it allowed me to get into the workforce to gain experience faster before applying to CNM programs (my chosen advanced nursing pathway.) I didn't see the point in going to school for longer, paying more money, and then still having to go back to school to earn the advanced credentials. That's just my personal opinion.