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About WCCCD Nursing Program

Hello Everybody,

I'm looking to start Wayne County Community College District Nursing Program, I've already spoken with an adviser, and she said I did not have to take anatomy and physiology over again, which I find odd, because I took them like 8 years ago. She said all I've got to do is take 12 credits of electives. My grades are as follows:

From Baker:

Psych - A

A & P - B

A & P 2 - B-

Microbio - A

Patho - C+

From Macomb:

Eng 1 - B

Sociology - A-

So my questions are these:

1.) Is there any classes I should retake? or should I do what the adviser said I should do and just take 12 elective courses? 2.) what electives did you all take before getting into the nursing program? (I'm already a CNA, so please don't tell me to take that class). 3.) I also already took Nutrition at Macomb (BIOL - 1400 - C), should I retake it? Or does it not transfer over to WCCCD? 4.) What's the odds of me getting into the nursing program without taking any of these classes over again? 5.) I've also got to take the teas test. when should I take it? 6.) Does anyone know how many students got into there program this fall? I know that they had a link on there main page to apply to the nursing program?

Thanks in advance for any advice any of you have to give.


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