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About To Start Pre-Nursing!!

by All4MyFamily All4MyFamily (New) New

Hello!! I am about to start my pre-nursing classes on Aug. 25th. I will be starting my CNA course in Monday. This question is in particular to mothers. How do you deal with the guilt of pursuing your education and building your career while being a mother? As a little background, my son is 9 years old and I have always been there for everything he does. But I realize I have to take steps to build a career for myself so that I can provide a better life for him. Does time management get easier?


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I am not a mother, but I would like to say congrats to you on pursuing your career! It is so great that you finished your CNA training before starting nursing school. Time management is very tough. The prerequisites are okay, but once in nursing school, you'll be busy with classes, studying, and clinical. But not to worry! I know so many people with children (yes, more that a couple) who made it happen. In fact, I knew a woman with three kids, worked part time here and there, and was a FULL TIME nursing student in a BSN program. Granted, she did drink a vente starbucks espresso drink with 5 shots in it pretty often, but still. She just graduated this last May with a GPA above 3.5. It is absolutely doable and you CAN make it happen while still being a supportive momma. Best of luck to you.

Thank you so much!! I'm very excited!! And determined to make a better future for my family. My husband is an electrical foreman, but it would be so much easier if we both have careers. Our two eldest children (my stepkids are 17 and 18) are older so it is easier with them. My youngest is 9 and he is an athlete. And I am such a mommy, I hate to miss anything. I know it is a small sacrifice, but I still feel a little guilty and trying to not let it bother me.