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Hi, I am currently a nursing student in my last semester of nursing program. I am interested in pursuing CNM later in the future and it would be greatly appreciated if someone may share some of your experiences and information.

What are some academic preparation required in order to become a CNM?

What are some practice settings that a nurse with CNM can practice their license?

Are there any professional specialty organizations available for CNMs?

Do you have any current practice challenges?

Sorry for the excessive questions.. :o and MUCH THANKS in advance!


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As an RN, you have the degree requirement to pursue a CNM. You would now need to apply to a university-based CNM program. Some require L&D experience as an RN and I would recommend this; the instincts you will develop will be very valuable in your CNM career.

CNM's can practice as an employee in a private practice, as an independent provider in a hospital-based or home-birth practice.

Specialty organizations would be ACNM, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and MANA, which is more CPM and home-birth based midwives.

There are practice challenges in every CNM job. In private practice it was finding time for teaching clients and in the whole in-call phenomenon. Working for a corporation it is in teaching residents and medical students that there is another, less interventive way of facilitating birth. Sometimes we can even teach practicing OB/GYNs ways to facilitate normal birth.

Hope this is helpful. Please feel free to contact me via private e-mail for more...