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Help help help! I would love some input on these two issues.

First scenario....Patients are placed on meds like Avandia which require two month hepatic panels....How are you ensuring that these patients come back in for the lab draw? Do you have a system for lab reminders or can we expect the pt to be responsible for his care and come in q 2 months?

second scenario.....Abnormal labs.. follow up. ie: WBC 3.4 Physician requests three month redraw. I call the patient and explain the abnormal result and discuss redraw, a lab slip is made out and given to the pt. with explicit insturctions about repeating the lab. But then It seems I am chasing down patients at the three month mark because they do not follow up and come in for redraw. I have considered giving them an appointment to see the doctor to encourage them to come back. But many times our busiest patients even forget their appts. How are you all handling this?

I would love to have some ideas!! Please post and/or write to me at

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Fill out a reminder post card to be mailed the week before they are due for lab work. It saves time, money , energy, and shows that you followup. Impresses patients & improves complience.

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