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Hello !

I don´t know the most of your used abbreviations.

I can tell you thousands of german or swiss, but sorry - english ones - I don´t know.

Can you explain me some, you know ??

I really want to learn nursing-english, and I´m happy about your help.

Thank you very much


Todd SPN

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Try this site someone posted the other day.

Katnip, RN

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Hi Dirk. That site Todd posted is a good one.

However, if you see something that you can't find on the list, or you don't want to look up the list and just be sociable, don't be afraid to ask. We love to help. :)


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Try this site someone posted the other day.

Just remember, JCAHO is requiring accredited hospitals to have a list of "Prohibited Abbreviations." Some of the prohibited abbreviations are included on this site. (e.g. QD, MS)

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