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ABAC Pharmacology Validation Exam

I am taking the semester 1 pharmacology validation exam tomorrow at ABAC. Has anyone taken it before? I've been studying basics like metric conversions and abbreviations. The sheet they gave us explaining the test said that there will only be nonparenteral calculations. How hard was it? How many of each type of question was there?

Hey! I realize this post is kind of old but I was wondering how the test went. Was this to get into the nursing bridge program? That's what I am currently trying to do. Also was it only non parenteral?

I was just the generic track, but I'm pretty sure we take the same test. It was incredibly easy! Know abbreviations, conversions, and how to read an abbreviated sentence and translate it (5mg ordered PRN AC translates to 5 milligrams ordered to be given as needed before meals), also do a quick brush up on your simple calculations from pharmacology. The only calculations on the first semester test was like if you have an order for 5mg and only 2.5mg tablets are avaliable, how many tabs do you give? There are 20 questions, all multiple choice. I'm now in my second semester. The second semester test was just as easy they just added in reconstitution calculations. I love ABAC's program! First semester is VERY challenging, but it gets easier once you have the hang of things. We went from 68 or 70 students first semester to hardly 40 second semester. Good luck! :)


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