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I am currently working on my MSN-FNP degree and am on track to graduate in February. I have a few logistical questions about the AANPCB and am hoping for some guidance. 

First, I was under the impression I could schedule the exam prior to graduation, as I have read this in multiple places. However, after reaching out to the AANP, it sounds like I will not receive my eligibility to test until I have actually graduated and they receive my final transcript. So I'm wondering, how soon will I be able to get in for my exam after graduation? I was hoping to take it a few days after I graduate but am now guessing this will be impossible.

Second, are there many testing locations? I have looked at the AANP and Prometric websites. Under "locations" on Prometric, there are only 3 listed. Will I need to fly somewhere to take the exam?

I'm anxious about the test and was hoping to have a plan in place sooner rather than later, so any information that will help me plan is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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