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AANP 2016 fnp exam

by Eghe2016 Eghe2016 (New) New

Anyone has any study information or exam tip for the AANP FNP exam?

I posted this answer in another similar blog post:

"...passed my FNP certification exam from AANP - I graduated on 11/1 and took my cert exam at 9AM on 11/14. ....

I gave myself a break from studying for 9 days after graduation. It is a totally arbitrary number but I felt like a mental cool-down period was essential.

Throughout my courses, I would use the Fitzgerald practice exam book - I did questions that corresponded to the unit I was studying to guage whether or not I was ready to take an exam. I did not pick up that book again, though, and did not use it to review prior to boards. I did, however, purchase an online practice test from Fitzgerald that I took maybe 3-4 days before the exam and made a 67% I think. I typically do worse on Fitzgerald questions than any other resource.

I also attended a live Hollier review literally the weekend before my exam (11/11-11/13). I wanted the information to be fresh in my brain. Dr. Hollier recommends making > or = 70 on the APEA predictor exam before testing. I had the benefit of my school requiring us to take one prior to entering clinicals after all of our didactic coursework was complete - I made a 74 at that time. I took another APEA practice exam 2 days before boards and made a 78 (not going to lie, I cried because I am a perfectionist and I just KNEW I was going to blow it out of the water and thought I should have made in the high 80s). I told Dr. Hollier this and she told me to go take my exam. Good thing, because I already had it scheduled. Her review was fantastic and I highly recommend it.

I think reading Liek would have made me *feel* better prepared and have less anxiety. I got this book late and didn't have time to go through everything but it looks like an excellent resource. I skimmed through the test taking strategies and then did 150 of the questions the day before the exam. I scored this myself as if it were a practice exam and made an 88% or something like that.

I made sure to eat well, get daily light exerise, and stay well hydrated prior to the exam. The night before the exam, my friend and I made each other stop studying at 8pm to take a mental break, have a glass of wine (just 1!), and go to bed early - rest is important! I ate a light breakfast the morning of the exam, even though I am not a breakfast person.

There were very few things on the exam that I felt like I had no idea what they were talking about. In fact, only 1 or 2 questions come to mind. Less than 1/4 of the questions were ones I was in-between answers. The rest was very straightforward. I agree, don't go looking for zebras.

Honestly, I felt like this exam was easier than NCLEX or any of the practice exams I took, and my friend who took it with me said the same thing. But I agree that you know yourself best. I killed myself studying in school, so by the time I graduated, it was like, "If I don't know this by now then I will never know it." If you slacked off a little (or a lot), then you may want to spend some more time studying.

My mantra: 'You have passed so many exams up to this point. You'll pass this one, too!'

Stay positive - you can do this!"

Good luck!