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Hi everyone!

I just passed my aanp exam for family!!

Before and during my prep for the boards, I was constantly reading threads to find the best way to study. The more I read what others had to say about passing and not, the more nervous I would get. I figured that if I passed, I would add to the thread of how I prepared and what worked for me.

Let my start by saying that I graduated may 2013 and then got married and so on.. so I have been out of school for a while and needed to start studying from scratch.

1. I took a Fitzgerald review a month after graduation. I know a lot of ppl love this review, but I could have done without it and saved $500. I don't, however, discourage it.

2. I made an outline and gave myself about 6 weeks to study. I covered about a system each day I was off from work ( I work 3 days a week) and gave myself the remaining time to review areas I felt weak on. I used both leik intensive review and Fitzgerald comprehensive review hand in hand to really understand concepts. when I finished reading, I did the 600 questions in the back of leik and tried to really understand why.

3. apea qbank. this was a tremendous help! a little pricey, but worth it! you have the option of testing yourself in individual areas or mixed, so I would answer 50 or so in each area and go back and forth between the rationales and the book. this really helped reinforce information and remember important concepts that do show up

on the exam. I made index cards for the ones I got wrong and continued to go cover the content. I pretty much finished every question in the qbank that they kept repeating. b

4. anp-fnp.com. I bought 10 exams from here. It's cheaper than the apea. I did 1-2 exams at the end of my study days to test my comprehension of all the information instead of just one area. these exams are all combined so it's a good way to practice for the real thing.

so to sum it all up.. I would recommend the leik and Fitzgerald books for text and resource info and the apea qbank. you can use anp-fnp if you need more questions. I studied everyday I was off for hours! studying for a few then taking a bunch of breaks. It's a fair exam. some really hard random question, but also some really easy. Good luck everyone! hope this helped!


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Great job!! Just curious, which Leik and Fitzgerald review book did you use? Can you state the exact titles?

Congrats! I agree can you please write the exact names of the books you used please? I have to take my hesi next spring and starting to panic already because lot of students this year failed. did you have to take the hesi exam before graduation?

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