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I am taking the AANC ACNP exam this Monday. I am really nervous about it. I have been studying the Barkley review course like crazy but I know that it has changed so much. I have heard of some people doing well and some doing poorly. Any ideas on what to expect? Is it as bad as I am imagining it? I have to pass to keep the ER job that I was offered. Just really nervous! Thanks for any help!

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I can't offer any insight on the exam as I took it in 2004 but I do remember being as freaked out about it and worried about the worst thing that can happen which is not passing the exam. I too had a job lined up that would be in jeopardy if I didn't pass so the pressure was on. I read and re-read my review books, listened and re-listended to my review tapes. In the end, the exam wasn't really that bad. I took most of the time allotted to answer the questions and left the site worn out but my scores were way above the passing mark. You should do well, good luck.

Specializes in ER/CCU/Military Nursing.

Thanks, I have been studying like crazy and keep waking up at night repeating silly facts like CD4 counts, ect. I'll be glad when this is over with !

Specializes in ER/CCU/Military Nursing.

BTW, it should be ANCC exam. I was really tired and worn out when I typed this last night! LOL!

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