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      Keep applying to AACC until I get a spot
    • Apply to HCC & UMSON for SPR2015

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I need some advice/opinions.

I attend AACC now and wanted to graduate from their nursing program but FALL 2014 is full and I won't know if I have a spot in Spring 2015 until AUG 31. Should I go ahead and apply to HCC's program (accelerated or traditional) for SPRING 2015? Should I go also apply to UMSON for 2015?

I've always been hesitant applying to UMSON because I feel my grades are too low for who they admit. I have a 3.1GPA, 3.1 science overall and got a 76% on my TEAS. (I always have the option of retaking it). I do work full time and what makes it difficult is that I pay all my classes in full. I don't qualify for financial aid and 99% of scholarships because I'm under TPS (immigrated to US in 1999).

So my biggest thing right now is the financial aspect. I'd love more than anything to just finish in 2yrs at UMD with a BSN but I'd have to take out so much in loans and I'm trying to take out as least as possible. By going FT, I'd also have to work less.

What do you all think?


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I personally think you should retake your teas and try for umson. I know you would need to take out loans, but if you haven't already, accruing some student debt is probably not going to ruin you. Plus it seems to me like the associates in nursing is eventually going to be less desirable (if it isn't already) to employers. Also, unless you plan to do bedside until you retire, you may want that BSN because it will make transitioning easier. If you ultimately end up wanting to do management, education, or advanced practice, having your bsn will shorten that path.

You may need to get some healthcare experience if you don't already have it, as competition for UMSON seems to be steep. It's possible to get in with a lower gpa if you have a fantastic application in other ways. If you check out the fall 2014 umson thread, you'll see what I mean.

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Thanks for your input BusyBee91. I should've said that I never intended to stop at ASN. If I choose the ASN route, I will eventually bridge to BSN (or MSN) through UMSON. The question is, do I take the long cheap route or the quick expensive one?

I have a little over a year of CNA experience and I also have my med-tech license. Don't know if that plus working full-time while in school could give me an edge. The places I want to work with consider ASN nurses (I want to go into psych/forensics) for hire.

I'm just so confused...

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I applied to UMSON with a 3.43 GPA & a 89.9 TEAS score and I've been wait-listed 2x.

Previous to 2012 UMSON only accepted students with "B" or above in thier science courses, and while this is no longer the practice; it's my experience that my "C" in Microbiology has kept me on the waitlist.

If your intentions are to apply to UMSON, I'd suggest pulling up your TEAS and retaking any science courses that you have a "C" in to up your chances.

I also applied late to AACC so I won't be able to attend their nursing program until Spring 2015. Since I have AACC as my back up I'm going to re-take my low Micro grade this summer and re-apply for their spring 2015 class as well.

Here's the thing, I'm hearing from my family member who are nurses at major metro hospitals that ASN nurses just aren't getting the jobs. There is a glut of new BSN nurses that get preference over ASN nurses. Both UMSON and AACC's programs take 2 years to complete and you have a higher degree with UMSON.

That being said, I'm not opposed to going to AACC. They get more clinical hours from what I understand AND there is always the option to bridge RN-BSN once you graduate. While that bridge takes an extra year, it is by far a less expensive option which is why I haven't ruled it out. That and UMSON is really pushing their RN-BSN program so they're happily accepting students who've completed their RN and are looking to move up.

Good luck in your journey. Either option is a good one, there are ways to advance in both.

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