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  1. What is the Mazimun number of clients in a Med/Surg unit that is safe for one nurse t

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greetings all nurses,:D

happy 4th of july!

on this day of our countries independence i thought through out the night about our deteriating standards of care and the the biggest factor that causes this to occur. it is client to nurse ratios! if we as a group can not come togather in support for each other and change individual institution policy concerning this issue then we could try to advocate to our nursing boards to legislate this number for us based upon committee suggestions.

i would like to know what other nurses think! i mean the nurse practice act mandates who can practice, what they may practice, and for whom. why not for how many? i think there could be a maximun standard for each type of setting, ie acute care, ambulatory, step down, critical care/icu, med/surg, teterairy care, sub acute, skilled, maturnity, and long term.

any thoughts on the idea? would you be willing to start this committee as a ad hoc type in your state? any additions or ammendments to this thought? since we can not come togather with a collective bargining force to make this change, mybe we can come togather in smaller groups to send something to our boards to make these changes occur from a different perspective, on an old problem that is stuck going nowhere quick. :rolleyes:

lets start with the general floor of a hospital med/surg what is the idea number of clients for one nurse? is it 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

and what is the max. number that is safe by your standards?


There are lots of groups out there working on staffing guidelines and legislation, lots of research and information on why and how to implement them. Problem seems to be that those who don't nurse are the ones who want to control these numbers!! Check out the Calif. patient ratios, the National nursing home groups, and others. You will find worlds of data. Each year legislation is introducted at state and federal levels, but so far the only ones to make any head way is California. I agree however, that if levels are not legislated, they will never materialize because it is not a good business decision. With health care becoming a business of late, patients are important as money makers, not money takers, and care costs money. The whole system is in for change, and I say nurses should lead the way!!!

Greetings Barbra,

Your last statement about nurses leading the way is what I am trying to get some motivated nurses to do, or at least post a reply to the poll!

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