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A few questions for current North Carolina Nurses and Graduating Students

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Hi everyone, my name is Alison :)

I'm currently enrolled in an associate's degree nursing program in NY, which I will be graduating May 15. I then will be planning to take the boards at the earliest possible date. I am planning to move to North Carolina, possibly the Greensboro area, and have a few questions for you...

1) Is there still a "shortage" in NC in the Winston-Salem to Greensboro to Asheboro area? Meaning, if I move out there, is there a chance of me finding a job with my Associate's RN?

2) Would it make more sense for me to take my licensure exam here in NY and apply for a NC license? Or take my boards in NC? I'm not sure how to find out if NC is reciprocal with NY.

3) How do you like the hospital you currently work at?

Any of these questions you can answer, and any additional information you can provide, would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)


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There is still a nursing shortage, but alot of the hospitals are slowing down on hiring anyone right now. Winston-Salem may have more opportunities than Greensboro or Asheboro. Forsyth Medical Center in W-S is pretty good, as well as Baptist. And there is Duke in Durham, and UNC in Chapel Hill. You need to check with the North Carolina BON about reciprocal license. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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