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A&P1 and 5 week CNA program?

by Melyf22 Melyf22 (New) New Pre-Student

Hi all!

I am writing to gain insight on other prospective nursing students and their opinion on whether or not I am doing too much this coming fall. So, I have recently signed up for a 5 week CNA program that begins on Aug 31st and ends Oct 5th. It will be scheduled for mon to fri 9am to 3pm. Unfortunately due to COVID the last school I signed up for kept pushing our dates back otherwise I would have been able to complete my CNA program over the Summer before Fall classes start for me. I also have myself set up to start my A&P1 at the community college I normally attend and classes for that begin on the 2nd of Sept. My A&P class is going to be from 5pm to 8pm, I know how heavy of a class A&P can be so I decided to take it on its own but considering that I have my CNA program pushed back I will also be taking that on as well and it will end up coinciding with my A&P class. I really was hoping to get my certification asap and start working part time but my question is have any of you taken a CNA program alongside other classes or specifically alongside A&P? Do you think that I would be taking on too much for the first month of the fall semester? Should I wait and solely focus on A&P? I'm so anxious because I don't exactly know if I would be cutting it close on time for myself and I really want to get an A in A&P. Any knowledge and experience on this topic would be greatly appreciated and help ease my anxiety! Thanks in advanced 🙂