A&P1 at the *SAME TIME* as Pathophysiology?!

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So, I'm a pre-nursing student getting all of my prerequisites out of the way before applying to my local community college's nursing program. I guess there has been a surge in applicants because it seems they increase the requirements for admission every year or so. As of next fall (the soonest that I will be eligible), they are requiring Pathophysiology as a prerequisite to even applying to the program. Seems a bit unrealistic to me, but we have confirmation from advisors and the nursing program dept. that this is the case. Oddly, it is classified specifically as "*Nursing* Pathophysiology," even though future nursing applicants are not official nursing students in any capacity.

I've made A's in every class over the past couple of years, including Stats and Bio for science majors; A&P and Patho are the only two prereqs I lack before I am eligible to apply. I'd really rather not take them one at a time - thereby "wasting" an extra semester before applying to nursing - though I know that a solid understanding of A&P is essential to doing well in Patho. I have very little in the way of time constraints, and can therefore devote a LOT of time to studying. Plus, I am planning on getting study guides and notecards for both classes and reading them both throughout Winter break. I know this plan of attack is not *advisable* per se, but...is it realistically *do-able?* I guess, if worse comes to worse, I could always re-take Patho next fall for a better grade if needed, and then see about applying again...

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Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

In my final semester of pre-requisites I took physiology, statistics, and Microbiology. It was busy but not close to overwhelming... and I think I could have taken another class without faltering.

But of course I'm not you and you're not me... only you know what you can handle.

Personally, I think the mindset of trying to only take one challenging class per semester is absurd.




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Thanks for the encouragement, Music in My Heart - you sound pretty fearless when it comes to academics! I am glad to hear that you believe doing well in both of these courses concurrently is not an unrealistic goal. (I have heard more pessimistic rather than optimistic responses to this, so far.)