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A NVCC math class to prepare for TEAS or is study guide enough?


I've taken statistics, finance, and accounting in undergrad and grad school but haven't had algebra since maybe high school. Needless to say, I'm a little worried about the math section of the TEAS and probably need a refresher. In general, I'm decent with math when I learn it (As in math classes) but trying to solve math problems that I haven't done in years, well, that's another story

I've been calling NVCC Nursing Dept every few days (with no answer might I add) to see if there's a math class they recommend people to take to prepare for the TEAS.....or is the study guide enough?


It's been a year since I took the TEAS test, but I don't remember there being any algebra on the it. It is very simple math. If you can double a recipe, I think you will be fine. Look at the official study guide. If you can do all the sample problems, then I wouldn't worry about it.

If I remember correctly, the section that people struggled with was earth sciences. Lots of weird questions about geology, etc.


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I'm a nursing student at NVCC and tutor for the teas. The handbook should be plenty. You only need additional math if you're struggling with the questions in the handbook.

Thanks so much! You are answering all of my questions :)