A nurse with health problems looking for a job

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I have been a RN for 17 years. I have worked in multiple areas. In the last 6 years I have had many health issues. and had to miss work. I keep getting turned down for jobs due to time and attendence. I always bring in doctor excues but they still terminate me. I don't know what to do next. I am 51 years old. My husband is on disability for cardiac problems. I worked for the state for 13 years, they do not take out FICA so my social security will be very small. I am able to work when I am ok but in Louisiana no one will hire me. I have put out over 100 applications and resumes' without any response to them. I thinek this is sad that we are in a profession to care for other sick people but no one cares about us. In the area we live, I was honest with a local hospital about the reason I have had so many jobs and I was told in the interview that they needed someone reliable. Now that I am feeling better I have reapplied and never get a return call, so I called the hospital HR and asked why. I was told this was due to my last interview. In other words once you are ill, it seems you get a label on you. I am fed up with nursing. Other nurses say they have worked telephone triage, case management which would be wonderful for me, but I can't get one of those jobs. Any ideas would be appreciated.