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Its been a good two or three months since ive posted or even checked the board. last semester was hairy to say the least. but in the end I ended up doing well, and all my study group and friends made it through. even though there were some "nail biting" weeks.

And now I am back and trying to get my head back in the game after a month long christmas break. This semster we have a class soley dedictated to anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs. Another class is specific to the pharmacology of Anesthesia. We are acutually learning things about anesthesia and that it exciting. phases and stages of sleep, the goal of anesthesia ect. I look forward to this class although i expect it to be hard. This semester is touted as harder than the first semester by past students.

Its not all roses. there has been an atrition rate thus far. the very first day we lost two students. (guess they got scared), some are needed at home with thier family, others have health crisis. I don't know the numbers but it seems like only a handfull arn't back this semester due to academic reasons. And its not like they were asked to leave I dont belive Usually they don't do well on enough tests that they know they aren't going to meet the standard. Even though there are classes ahead of them which aford them the oppurtuinity to recover their GPA they are simply choosing not to. Agian I stress I dont know the numbers but it seems like only a few, and this.....

The attrition numbers scare people. why? be confident. If you really want it youll make it. they really do try hard to get everyone through. by curving up the grades as much as they can or tweaking numbers here and there. I think they try to be Fair. The Buzz Phraze here is "Stay with The Pack" meaing that as long as your doning as well as everyone else youll be fine. stay within the standard deviation of the mean.

well, I dont know when ill get back school will be busy any down time i spend with my family. And this Cancer of a computer game I started playing over the christmas break which plauges upon my free time. I am tying to stop playing it. there ought to be a twelve step program.. :) Star Wars Galaxies... yeesh

ive tried to be complete and honest I am happy thus far with my education here.

the jedi lol....


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it is good to hear from you again....i haven't gotten so laden down yet that i haven't had time to check in here....hopefully that will continue for awhile at least....

good job keeping your head up....good luck this semester.


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I kmow what you mean Alan. I too survived my first semester in school and all of my class has made it too. We had a couple we were a bit worried about, but when Jan 5 came around we were all back in our usual desks! This semester has started off quite busy again, just had my first exam for the semester today with another one scheduled for Monday. Our semesters are divided up into 9 week sessions, this session we are taking 8 hours and next 9 weeks we are taking 9 hours. My summer program is going to be killer with a whopping 12 hours!! (including 2 pharm classes)

I have really enjoyed getting back into the school thing and know it will all be worth it in the future! Best of luck to you and stay with it!

SproutRN :nurse:

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