A good Critical Thinking source


I want to do my best to "Think Like a Nurse", however this being my 4th week of nursing school my medical knowledge is limited. However, my next test will be covering "Critical thinking", and I would like to be able to find a way to answer nursing types of questions because memorizing things from the book is not really going to help me. I am willing to spend some money on a source if it is something I can use. However if the critical thinking that is entailed in that source goes beyond my meager 4 weeks of nursing school it is pretty much useless to me (Vital signs and Health assessment are all we have really covered other than history).

Since my medical knowledge is limited, I have tried to use more every day things to get my mind into the swing of it "Need more money for bills", type of stuff; and applied the techniques the book covers as far as how to approach the problem. Is this worthwhile to do, or can someone point out a source I can use that will make my critical thinking more nurse oriented. But like I said, my knowledge ends with A&P 1/2, micro, and 4 weeks of nursing school.

Any help would be appreciated.