A Death's Memory

Sam is one of the two postgraduates at Bunderburg's children ward. Working alongside her preceptors and arguing with the other postgraduate Anthony on a regular basis, life seems as unchangeable as ever. Well it did until Anthony starts acting a little strange. Was Anthony ok? And what was with the playroom he kept talking about? It was all turning into some creepy mystery. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

A Death's Memory

Mm a new day, the young woman thought. A small quirk to her mouth as she jogged up the stairs. Today was her first shift of seven: three earlys, a late, then two night shifts. Not tooo bad for a roster, but you know she did always prefer the nights, the pay was so much better. If fact Sam was in the middle of her postgraduate at Bunderburg hospital's children ward. Her confidence now after eight months had greatly expanded and she had grown quite comfortable with her co-workers, as unique as they could be.

Pushing open the door, the twenty year old let it slam shut behind her; the bang echoing down the stairwell as she half ran down the hall, checking her nurse's watch. Dammit late again! At this rate she was going to give herself one of those lecturable reputations. She'd always been this way, such a daydreamer. It would be only fifteen minutes to the clock and she'd be panicking her way to work, grabbing her faded work bag and running up the stairs from her car like there was a pack of dogs after her. Just five minutes earlier and she could have taken the lift like a 'normal' person, but no she had to make it difficult for herself.

Swiping her key card, she popped open the door and collapsed on the nurses station, head propped between her palms.

"Wow you just made it," The dry sarcasm from the other paediatric postgraduate of the year Anthony.

He could be such an old man, Sam thought. Poking her tongue out at the tall brunette, getting a raised brow in response. It was probably because he was older she mused absently. Not that twenty-three was that much older then twenty, but still, the day all fun got sucked out of her life well...she'd pronounce herself dead.

There was a giggle, "You know I can't see how hard it is to arrive ten minutes before work, compared to right on the hour." The female teasing coming from no other then her preceptor Cecelia, an absolutely gorgeous woman. She had long red hair, pinned up impeccably by gold butterfly pins, perfectly manicured nails and a pale slightly freckled face powdered to perfection.

Sam inwardly groaning jealous, but seriously how could anyone have that much time to work 'and' look like that? The thirty-two year old was inhuman. Personally she was more the tomboy if she had to give herself a label, short black hair, plain hazel eyes and certainly no makeup to be seen. She internally smiled as she followed the pair into the handover room. Although Cecelia was so eccentric and childlike it was impossible to hate her for it.

Sam watched as Cecelia smoothed down her navy skirt. The red-headed clinical nurse having perched herself on the end of a chair, her ankles were crossed cutely while her pale hands folded together as she looked expectantly to the tall male in the room.

Seemingly unaware of the grey eyes Anthony remained standing, a small furrow in his brow as he flicked through his assignments. During the night and late shift there was only one Registered nurse rostered, with the occasional assistance by the Enrolled nurse. It was very different from morning shift, where there were two Registered nurses. Therefore Anthony had the whole workload last night. Wasn't so bad, as by her print out there were just four patients today. Yippee! A bludge shift, uncommon these days.

"Not so much has changed since yesterday." The man reported his low voice sounded nearly bored. "The little girl in two was febrile at four o'clock, but it's settled now."

"Need any paracetamol?" Sam asked.

"No." A small glower sent her way.

Well sorry for being curious, she thought annoyed. Tapping her foot impatiently, wanting to get up and talk with the parents boarding. Anthony was such a drag in handover. No gossip and he 'hated' being interrupted. He'd get that grouchy expression like right now and stand there like a fool for a few seconds; it was as if her words completely made him lose his train of thought.

"Anyway..." He finally continued, "Gentamycin levels need to be done today on Jason and hopefully Leeigha can go home after review. It was a small fall and her neuro obs are fine." The short but specific handover continuing, it not long before Anthony had finished.

"Oh it's going to be a lovely day today!" Cecelia cheered clapping her hands together as she smiled.

"Don't jinx it." Sam hurried. That was the last thing they needed. A flood of croupy babies, then they'd never get to sit down. Respiratory observations galore. Yuck.

"Samantha that is so superstitious, don't you feel dumb when you say that sort of thing?" Anthony's tone held slight bemusement.

His haughty behaviour always got on her nerves. "It's true it 'can' happen." She protested. "You don't tempt God's sense of humour man." Sam huffed "That and you know my name is Sam. Samantha's so...old."

"Sam is a boy's name." Anthony rejected, causing her brow to twitch.

'That little...' he could never help himself he always had to refer to her by her birth name. It really drove her crazy, but on the other hand, it did make Cecelia giggle like she was now. Sighing she caved, it was never worth the battle. For some reason Anthony never lost this argument and she'd just end up in a bad mood. Stubborn prat.

Standing, she slid past the tall nurse in the doorway, picking up her first chart to claim. Flipping it open as she searched for antibiotics.

"Uh..." The tone of Anthony's voice making her curious, tilting her head to the side, to see he looked quite uncomfortable; his mouth set, jaw clenched slightly.

"Are you alright honey?" The concerned voice of Cecelia, making him grimace.

"Yes fine. There was just one other thing. One of the children is making a mess."

Sam snorted, she couldn't help it. 'Right, well that was ridiculous. This 'was' a children's ward what else did the small things do other then make a mess?'

"Don't worry we'll clean it up." Cecelia breezed with a winning smile.

Eyes lifted skyward "You don't understand. I mean a massive mess." He opened his arms in example, "Repeatedly all night."

"There's only two that can walk." Sam observed, "Surely you saw them?"

"If I had, I wouldn't have said anything. I was just sick of cleaning up. They all seemed to be asleep when I checked. It was just...odd."

"Now who's getting superstitious?" Sam mocked, grinning slightly.

"Tch, whatever. Have a good shift." The man dismissed, picking up his satchel and letting himself out.

Sam waving as he exited. Only to puzzle over his words afterwards, for Anthony that had to of been the weirdest comment he'd ever made since they'd met eight months ago.

"Who did you want?" Cecelia asked, leaning over to tap on the chart she'd laid out on the desk.

It causing her to blink, her mind dragged away from the young man's foreign words. "Hm? Oh! This one please?" She begged, getting a laugh from the bubbly woman.

"Another surgical? You'll have to grow fond of medical one day."

"Yeah it's ok, but I like the rehab and encouraging part of surgical you know? You can actually help. Medical it just all seems so focused on antibiotics and waiting for it to kick in." She rambled. Truthfully she adored kids, so loved whatever she got, but she did like looking after post appendectomies and fractures. It was fun to see someone get quick fast, whilst keeping them motivated.

"Be careful you might leave us for rehab one day." The pretty lady sung, having gathered her charts to her chest to walk over to the other desk.

"Heh, doubtful." Why would she desert children? They were too much fun, adults complained so much.

Two days later

Rocking up to the ward, dutifully with less then two minutes to spare. Sam peeked around the entry-way trying to spot Margaret, Anthony's preceptor who she was working with today. Everyone pretty much just rotated and worked with whoever was rostered, but if you were stuck, it was your preceptor you cried too. Sheepishly she decided she got the better end of the stick. Cecelia was heaps of fun, Margaret was ready to retire and had ah...a little less patience one could say? But then again Anthony seemed to adore the greying brunette. So who knows? Maybe management really had paired them up with their personalities in mind.

"Hellooo!" She called.

"Sam really? Must you wake everyone up? It's not even daylight yet." Margaret's familiar grouchy voice causing her to spin around. She sighed, meeting the sharp eyes of the aging Clinical nurse. Oh yeah little miss fun killer. Really intelligent, but so strict, she felt like she was at school camp all over again.

"Sorry, forgot how loud I can be." She apologised. Grinning a little sheepish, as she rubbed the back of her neck, thankfully spotting Anthony a few moments later and hurrying his way. Saved! Handover time.

Well. That 'had' been what she'd been thinking. The wide eyes of Anthony making that immediately change. Whoa looked like he'd been stung by a bee.

"What the hell did you do to your hair?!"

The horrified tone causing her to flush in embarrassment; glaring slightly as she reached up to subconsciously tug at a purple-red strand. "Obviously I dyed it. Not like it's any of your business." She snapped. Regretting already her bold mood, damn Cecelia, it had been her idea. The playful woman had picked the colour and everything yesterday, it had seemed somewhat fun, after all she'd never changed her appearance before.

"But I liked it black."

He wasn't serious? Moron. Like what he thought mattered? "I'm not even speaking to you now, so report. Chop chop." She ordered, acting the words out with her hands.

"I was only telling the truth." Anthony stated folding his arms irritable.

Sam finding her temper boiling over, pointing at the frustrating man, "Listen, I don't give a crap over your point of view. Your clothing sense sucks, so why would I take your fashion advice?"

Blinking as the guy only smirked. "Thought you weren't talking to me?"

Oh...oh she could kill him. Pulverise him! She fumed, he was tempting fate she swore it. Unable to even verbalise a response, she growled and sunk back into her chair, arms crossed sulkily.

"Hmph. Now what are you two arguing about?" Margaret grumbled as she pottered in. The lady did not have a sense of humour, but she did lecture them when they fought...which felt like every time they were remotely near one another.

"Hair. Naturals better." Was Anthony's blunt reply.

Of course he'd say that, play up to the older lady who never dyed her hair to her knowledge. Seeing Margaret smile, Ugh.

"It's a fad dear." Margaret seemed to soothe, before setting down her old leather purse on the desk and wait patiently for their handover.

Anthony immediately acting on autopilot and begun handover. The young woman squinting as she scanned the notices, glances to the tall brunette occasionally as he spoke, still a bit too annoyed to comment like normal. There was something weird about the guy today, he looked so pale.

"Oi. Are you sick?" She suddenly piped up, getting an aggravated glower.

"No. I'm fine, the kids just played up most of the night again. Can you let me finish?"

Sam sighing but was quiet this time, he was in a worse mood then yesterday by the looks of it. She played with her newly trimmed hair, as she absorbed the information from the taller postgraduate. Not being long before it was over, the girl dragged into a discussion on the ward's duty list by Margaret, who found it completely ridiculous that staff were forgetting to sign it off. The woman umming and ahhhing in all the right places, unable to see what the big deal was, but apparently it looked great for their quality improvement measures during audit period.

"Samantha come check this antibiotic with me."

The rougher voice of Anthony interrupting, allowing her a quick escape. The girl grinning as she waltzing around the desk and after him into the treatment room. Puzzled when finding nothing out on the desk "Sooo whatcha want to check again?" She queried miffed.

The guy's shoulder's only shrugging, "Nothing, I want to ask how the shift was yesterday."

Laughter glinted in her eyes, oh so that was it, too cowardly to mention it before his beloved preceptor. "Eh it was fine. We just picked up in the playroom that was all."

Irritation flashed over his features before Anthony shook his head slightly. "Weird. Just be careful."

The man exiting, leaving her confused. And what was 'that' suppose to mean? She wondered.

Aw why was there noise? Sam inwardly groaned. Complaining to herself as she dragged one of her soft pillows over her burgundy head. The young woman cuddled up in the comforters, lashes flickering as she was dragging unwillingly into consciousness. It sounded like her phone.

Her nose crinkled, slowly rolling over and blindly smacking her hand on the bed side table in search for the bloody thing. What sane person rung at this time of the hour? Slender fingers caught onto the corner of the vibrating, piercing device and she pulled it over before her eyes. Staring at the number. Private. Ha! Like she was answering, she thought groggily, pressing the silence button and dropping her hand with the phone to her stomach.

She was not coming into work for some other department today. She knew it was kinda rude, but she already worked fulltime and overtime held little interest to her. Lying there she begun to doze off, only to be reawakened by her small phone all over again. Groaning, she just tapped ignore again, letting it ring out. By the third time she had had enough, scowling she re-raised the phone sitting up slowly, one of the straps from her nighty falling off her shoulder. Private. The word glaring back at her and Sam finally groaned lifting it to her ear answering.

"Hullo?" She mumbled thickly.

"Samantha you answered."

Motionless a whole heap of words rushed through her mind, but she eventually kept her temper...well sort of. "Excuse me? It's fricking three am in the morning!"

"I know."

"Anthony I hate you." She spluttered, rubbing at one of her darker eyes. Three am, she couldn't believe it.

"I need you to come in."

"Huh? Aw come on, ring Margaret. Please? Pleeease?" Her words more a whine.

"No. She will not believe me."

"Believe what?" Sam exasperated, "You need more staff right?"


Well that was suspicious, "Anthony..."

"Just get yourself here. I'll tell you then."

Worry washed over her "But um..you're ok right?"

"No." The phone shutting off leaving her in a half panic, half rage. If this wasn't Anthony, she'd probably ring the night supervisor, but this was him and he was the most unshakably guy she'd ever met. It must be serious. Jumping out of the bed, half falling over some of the books on the floor, she yanked off her nightwear and begun to dress, she should get there fast.

Barging through the door, completely out of breath, her eyes found the fellow postgraduate. He was leaning over the desk, hands framing his face hiding it from view, head bowed.

"Anthony? Hey you ok?" She asked in worry, hurrying over. Her chest still rising and falling at a fast rate thanks to her sprint fest getting here. Reaching out she clasped his upper arm, feeling him stiffen but relax moments later.

"Yeah." The mumble low.

Sam jerking her hand back to rest on her hip, "Wait one minute you just said-"

"I know what I said." The man straightening to partially face her, one hand was pressed to his forehead. The girl paled, blood it was spilling from his temple down his cheek and jaw. Her horror must have been obvious because he relaxed back against the desk. "I fell over, it's not that bad."

"Why haven't you got your butt down to Emergency mister?" Sam stressed. Reaching up to push away the hands and get a better look, slightly surprised he allowed the action. It was a laceration, but like he'd said just a smallish one, around four centimetres.

"Pressure will do fine." He stated, shoving the blood-stained swab back over the injury.

"What did you do?" She fussed, darting to the treatment room and back with some supplies trying to wipe away the blood and giving him clean white swabbing to replace the soaked stuff.

"Clean the playroom. Just..." He hesitated. "I lost my balance, slammed my head into the sink."

Sam snorting, "So you called me in for that?" She asked. Slightly teasing him for being so childish, Anthony had never seemed the type to need babying over anything.

"No." The man gritted out, eyes flashing with irritation. She mustn't have looked too impressed because he continued. "There's something in that room." He muttered.

"Come again?"

"Something is destroying it, I spend hours cleaning it. Hours." His flat words making her roll her eyes.

"Be realistic. Unless you're letting the kids play most of the night, there's no reason it'd take that long." She lectured. The guy was silent, not responding to her statement.

Sighing she spun on her heel making a beeline for the place that was causing so much drama. Sam not expecting the male to chase after her catching her wrist and jerking her to a stop just outside the glass doors. "Ow." She muttered in reproach, glaring back at him.

"Well don't be an idiot; you're not to go in there."



"If you don't tell me what your problem is, I'm going to ring the supervisor. You're acting crazy." She stated bluntly.

The brunette was wincing but let her go, Sam rubbing at her sore wrist as she studied the troubled man. "You shall think me even more so after this." He got out, but kept going. "I never believed in hauntings or any of that make believe nonsense. However the past three nights? I've had things exploding in there, toys, books... I've fallen over so many times" He was unsure "I'm ready to resign."

Sam gaped, "No way, quit? You can't. You love it here."

The man lifting a finger, "Correction I did. Now I don't."

Was he crazy? She pondered eying the silent twenty-three year old. "You are saying some 'ghost'- "She mocked with her fingers. "Is destroying the room?"

"Tch well I'm not letting any of the kids in there." He pushed up his jumper exposing the variety of bruises to her startled gaze. "That and I'm not doing this to myself."

His sarcasm was evident, but she couldn't help it. Looking into the playroom from where they were standing, it seemed fine to her. Just toys littering the floor. Breathing out in despair, she reached out and pushed open the doorway, ignoring the guy's frown and stepped inside, looking around herself.

Walking around the couch she sat down, hearing the door creak open and footsteps as Anthony followed her, standing at her side. He looked rather anxious in fact. Minutes ticked passed, "Sorry to tell it to you, but... nothings happening." She commented, stretching her arms out above her head yawning. "Maybe you aren't having enough sleep?"

"I..I don't understand." He actually looked distressed.

Feeling bad for him, she stood poking him in the shoulder, smiling slightly "Hey don't worry about it, I'll help clean up." She offered. Walking over to the toy boxes bending and scooping up the bright colourful Dora Explorer toys and blocks to toss them back in. Seeing out the corner of her eye Anthony slowly getting to work with the bookshelf, ten minutes passed as the pair busily packed away all the young children form of entertainment. From trucks to speed cars, hoola-hoops and jack-in-the-boxes. There was everything that would make this room one of the most exciting ones in a hospital from the eyes of a young boy or girl.

Leaning down to pick up a rather over loved plastic lion, time seemed to stop. Sam's eyes widening as ice water felt to pour down her back, goosebumps rising over her arms and the nape of her neck. There wasn't even a sound and then the world seemed to literally explode. Objects flew across the room, the girl dragging her arms up to protect her face terrified. The air pressed in on her making it feel like she couldn't breathe ,before abruptly she was shoved back, arms waving as she toppled over to land on her poor backside.

Silence, everything lay scattered across the floor, maybe even messier then when she'd begun. Trembling she didn't react, fear it had overwhelmed her.

"Samantha." The worried words heard from some metres away.

Gingerly she moved her neck, spotting Anthony on the floor against a golden yellow wall. She didn't respond, but she could feel thick gluggy fluid between her fingers, the hot liquid soaking through to her legs. Slowly she lifted her hands up, crimson red. It took her a few moments to realise what it was before she screamed.

In seconds hands had hooked under her arms and lifted her to her feet dragging her to the entrance of the play room. Anthony unevenly trying to shush her, remind her about the babies down the hall. Sam a shaking mess as she was pulled out of the playroom, frozen feeling like she was going to be sick. Blood it was everywhere. The slick fluid clinging to her skin, running down her arms and legs. Anthony was holding her shoulders as if to stabilise her, truth being he actually was. She swore she would've passed out if she didn't have another person's presence so acutely evident. Lifting a bloody hand she wrapped it around his wrist, tears had escaped her eyes, but she didn't speak.

"Are you hurt?" The man question stressed, "I should NEVER have let you go in there." He was cursing to himself; his self hatred was beginning to wake her out of the shock she was in.

"Hey." She murmured quietly. He was still raging. "Oi! Idiot." She hissed. "Stop already I'm ok."

The male went quiet before shaking his head. "You're bleeding everywhere. We have to get you downstairs." The rushed words actually making her laugh, it a completely unexpected reaction by his expression.

"It's not mine."


"Seriously." She affirmed. Pushing the supportive hands away and lifting her own out before her shuddering. "I think. I just need a shower."

Anthony wrapping an arm around her lower waist and guided her quickly away from the room, to the end of the hall. Leaving her in the bathroom and disappearing.

Sam immediately shoving her long loose pants down her legs, to step out of them; disgusting by the thick gooey material. In the end left just in the blood soaked underwear. Stepping over to the sink she started to wash her hands, scrubbing hard, wanting to get the blood out of her short nails.

There a slight sound of startlement, "Really Samantha. Some notice would be nice."

The annoyance causing her confusion, before she snickered realising the guy was having a sulk over her state of undress. Bemused as a towel was promptly pegged at her head. Catching it she wrapped it around her waist, turning. "What sort of nurse are you?" She teased. The atmosphere between them somewhat strained. Even through her joking, neither of them seemed to know how to speak of what had just occurred.

"We didn't kill anyone did we?" Samantha asked suddenly a little nervous.

"Kill...? Excuse me." Her words apparently having freaked Anthony out as he took off. No doubt to do a headcount on his current patients.

Sam meanwhile stepping into the shower and pulling the curtain shut, stripping off her shirt and underwear, turning the water on full ball. She could hear nothing but the rain of water and her own breathing. Her hazel eyes watching as the crimson stained liquid swirled down the drain, there seemed so much of it. She shivered, had Anthony made her crazy?

"They're all well." Her co-workers voice making her sigh slightly in relief, that was all they needed. To discover they were actually a pair of crazy blacking-out murderers. Twisting off the water, she reached out through the curtain to grab the towel she'd hung on the hook beside the wall. Feeling it handed to her, the woman dried and wrapped herself up. Ab;e to then push across the curtain, lifting a brow jokingly "So any idea for clothing?"

"Got some already. Those scrubs that Cecelia keeps here. You know how terrified she is of looking messy."

Sam giggled, but obliged, taking them and dressing in the shower, before stepping out.

Quiet, she slipped past Anthony who was busy shoving all her clothing into a plastic bag. The two then hurrying past the scary playroom to dump themselves down into chairs at the desk. "So? Any plans?" she mumbled. "We should probably ring someone."

"Never heard of such a great idea." The fellow postgrad's voice was sarcastic.

Her eyes slanted, "Well we have to do something."

"Right. If you couldn't believe me, how is management?"

He had a point. The girl running her fingers through her damp hair anxious, "Just...don't want anyone hurt" Her voice a whisper.

"Maybe it will just go away eventually."

She propped her chin in her hand, as she toyed with a manual before her. Was it a ghost? A shared er...mental moment? Depressed she pondered all the situations, shivering a little, it sure had felt real. She'd thought she was going to die. Like all the air was going to be sucked out of her.

"We can just keep out of the place till morning. Like you said, nothing has happened at day time."

"You're right." Sam looking up to the cameras monitoring the ward in second nature. Pausing in alarm as she saw something white flicker in one of the screens. "Anthony." She hissed alarmed.


"There!" The girl pointing up at the LCD, the man frowning but followed her finger. The pair watching in mild horror as a person walked around in the playroom that had just scared the bejeebers out of them. "It's a kid." She whispered. "How'd they get in there?"

"It's not a patient." Anthony snapped defensively, but he didn't look well, pale and drawn.

The girl glancing back to the display screen, he looked rather young in fact. Five to seven years old maybe? It was creepy, he shimmered on the screen as he walked around the playroom picking up toys, only to drop them moments later. Sam starting as suddenly he seemed to look right up at the camera, her heart constricting. He could see them?

"Impossible." Anthony suddenly stated, as if reading her mind. The two worried as the child continued to stare at the camera. It felt like he was watching them, the child motionless, swaying slightly, his form shifting and flickering around the edges.

"O..Ok I want to go home." She admitted creeped out.

"I'll cover it up." Anthony decided, standing to toss a towel over the screen removing the ghostly watcher from view.

Covering her face she shuddered, the pair spending the rest of night in a weird silence. The only sound being paper as she flicked through the occasional magazine, or Anthony typing and his coming and goings to the patients around them. As even she could not bring herself to go home and leave Anthony after what had just happened. If she was in his place, she'd tie him down if she had to, before letting herself be left all alone.


Standing at the playroom door she studied the floor in some disbelief. Water it was puddled right in the centre of the room. The woman remembering how hours earlier it had been dark sticky blood.

"See. It's like it never happened." Anthony murmured from behind.

"Yeah." She agreed uncomfortable.

"Let's go. The others can fix it." She nodded in agreement. She had no desire to step in there, even with the warm sunlight that spilled across the floors.

The pair heading to the handover room, finding both Margaret and Cecelia sitting down in wait. "Morning" Sam greeted with a small smile.

"What on earth are you doing here?" Cecelia asked in surprise, "Aren't you late shift today?"

"Mm yeah, I forgot something so came in to grab it." The girl lied, sitting down beside them.

The red-haired Clinical nurse smiling, reaching out to tug at her hair "So cute" She enthused. The words making her blush. Well at least one person liked her hair change.

"She spilt coffee all over her clothing, so she's wearing your scrubs." Anthony murmured.

"Oh I completely understand." Cecelia waved off, shuddering for a moment, "Can't look messy."

She was an odd one, Sam decided, but only smiled. Watching as the pale Anthony handed over the night events, leaving out their one big drama. At the end she couldn't help herself "Hey Cecelia. Just wondering, does the playroom ever weird you out sometimes?"

Anthony looked rather annoyed she'd spoke of it. Cecelia however just giving a half smile glancing to the older nurse Margaret. "Well you find over the years here, there's a lot that happens in there." She laughed seeming rather carefree over her words. "Sometimes I swear I hear crying."

Margaret appearing just as unsurprised "It was probably Richard."

"Richard??" Sam and Anthony queried as one.

"A young boy, he died in there a long time ago. Most of the staff have seen or heard something over the decades. He was a lovely little child, his parents died in a car accident and he followed after them. Very sad, I remember looking after him, but that was over twenty years ago." She was thoughtful "It's been some time since anyone's mentioned the playroom in that way." Margaret mused.

"You aren't serious?" Anthony muttered.

"I didn't say I believe in all those rumours or stories, but sometimes I'm certain I've seen him." Margaret explained blandly.

Sam shivered, creepy creepy the old nurse was making her nerves even worse. "Why would a kid haunt anything?" She grumbled. Kids were fun, loving bundles of energy, it sounded ridiculous.

"They say he thought we were keeping his parents away from him. He was an only child, no visitors, so he never liked the nurses, such a lonely child." Margaret lamented seeming saddened for a moment but only smiled moments later. "Anyway, enough of this nonsense, I have work to do." The woman clambering up to her feet and shuffling out the door, not even comprehending the horror she'd left in the pair of postgraduates.

Cecelia laughing "Don't worry about her teasing, she's told me that story a million times." The thirty-two year old winking "And I've never seen this Richard, just some harmless fun. Margaret I think enjoys scaring the new nurses." She stood tapping her chin as she stared at the roof "After all a little boy, ghost or not would be harmless. It's a fun story." She cheered. "Keep passing it on, a little ghost tale livens up everyone's day."

The mother of two walking out, her bright eyes full of laughter, Sam exhaling painfully, "How am I ever going to do night shift again." She half wailed to the room.

Anthony making a face, eyes distant however "You think that's all it is? Some memory of a lonely boy?"

"Hell if I know. I just don't want to ever step in there again after night time."


The two remaining thoughtful for some time, "You gonna resign?" Sam asked depressed, remembering the other's proclamation, long ago in the night.

"Hm. I don't know." He stepped over dropping his hand on her shoulder squeezing it slightly. "But, I have decided I am buying you coffee."

Sam confused glancing up at the other in consideration, seeing him smirk "I've realized there are scarier things then asking you out."

He... She laughed, she couldn't help it, wrapping her arms around her tummy as she giggled, eyes glittering. "And here I thought you hated me, I must be pretty unobservant."

"Hn, very."

"Alright, coffee's on." She agreed grinning. Somewhat shocked but also pleased. Anthony was the last person she'd expected to like her.

Jumping to her feet she grabbed her bag of clothing, surprised to see the blood was gone, they were just soggy with water. It was like nothing had ever happened.

Heading out the door, walking side by side with the other nurse, she felt a hand ruffle through her hair. "Now you'll have to grow that dye out you know."

The statement made her blink, the girl snorting and punching the man in the arm. "Oh shut it." There was little venom in her tone, only laughter.


There was a lot of things she learnt since that dreaded night. One was that Anthony couldn't stand spicy food, also that she felt kinda good with longer darker hair and the other? Well it was that sometimes there are mysteries that can never be truly explained. As still to this day she never saw that little boy again. But even so, when walking down that hallway at night, she still shivered. Occasionally she even wondered if that night had been nothing but a silly dream.

Overall? She'd discovered some parts of life really were unexplainable, and a child's tragic memory could continue on. For what purpose she'd didn't think she would ever find the answer for. Nor did she think she wanted to know.

In her opinion, some mysteries were meant to stay mysteries.

Was born in a coastal town, (where I remain to this day ^.~) Always desired to work in the health care system, work full time in the children's ward. Work in Paediatrics but also have Med/Surg and A&E experience.

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The story's plot is cute, but you really need a proof-reader/editor! I think if you could get hold of those problems and neaten it up a little bit, your story would be better and easier to read.:idea::)

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*smiles* Thanks so much for the feedback! It's much appreciated, I'll work harder on my editing. Sometimes I think I can be so relieved to have finally finished something I'm working on. I can really forget the most basic of things.

Thanks for reading :)

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