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A day in the life of an anesthesia student. I am posting this for my own therapy. Second semester SRNA (TWU), have research project due to be presented this Friday. Go to meet with study group to finalize and work on technical presentation stuff. After about 2 hours, we haven't heard from our other 2 partners. Finally get in touch with one of them, running behind, on the way. The other one, was in route to meet us, starting having dizzy spells going ~ 80, and barely got her vehicle stopped before crashing. Went to the doc, got a CT, everything is ok, just stress (Go Figure!). Meanwhile, we get kicked out of our study classroom, for a sexual harassment inservice(not for us, who's got time for that?). We decide to part ways and work individually. I get home and have to spend 4 hours, trying to get my laptop fixed, have all my (and everybody elses) research stuff on it. Oh, and when I got home the dog had thrown up everywhere, had to work on that to. So, here I am, finally getting the ole PC back up and running. Oh yeah, what's for supper?

This was my therapy, hope you enjoy. You future SRNA's, these kinds of days will happen to you, get ready. I'm sure you guys that are looking back will have your own interesting stories along a similar line.


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I'm feelin your pain arkgolfer. I'm in my second semester as well. My advise......shoot the dog!!!

Just kidding, good luck!

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