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A&P ll at central Alabama community college


I'm taking 202 at cacc with amy waites this summer.. Her notes book seems like an aweful lot. Has anyone had her? Any advice about her class or test? Are her test multiple choice are they hard? I have to make an A so I'm really concerned!


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I didnt take AP with her, but i did take bio 103, and i loved her. She was a great instructor, and her tests were easy, as long as you halfay listened in class. I dont know how she will be in AP, but i think you shouldnt have any problems. I took with with Yarbrough several years ago and i may still have some notes. If you have any questuons, i will be more than happy to help you when i can. Where do you live..close to campus or communte? Just let me know if you need any advice or if you need some pointers in the class..i will help where i can. Good Luck And let me know if you need anything

Hannah Wilson

You better know her lecture notes and study guide questions up and down and backwards and forwards. As long as you study like that, you will have no problems. She's brilliant and very thorough. Her tests are very straight forward with no tricks. She'll tell you how the test will be--matching, FIB's, etc...., so you will know what to expect. Just make sure you dig deep into the information and pay attention to the little things she says in class that are not on the lecture notes. I took way more notes than were on the lecture notes. It helped. Make sure you know everything... not just what she says is on the test. Her tests pack a punch but they have to. We future nurses MUST know the information she gives us. I consider myself very fortunate to have had her. FYI--take your camera to study for the lab practicals. That way you remember what all the slides and models look like. Good luck! :typing

wow now I'm nervous.. I have heard she's not a hard teacher as long as you study your notes.. I hope that is true because I have to have an A. I'm trying to get into nursing, so I gotta have those points LOL !

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