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A&P I at AACC's Weekend College

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by dcgrrl dcgrrl, ASN, RN (Member)

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Has anyone taken A&P I at the Weekend College offered at Anne Arundel Community College? What was your experience. The class meets once a week w/ lecture and lab combined. I'm a little anxious about the long day 9am-2:50pm :eek:.


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I haven't taken it on Sat. I had an evening session but my professor taught the Sat class. Actually, it sounded like it really wasn't so bad. He gave a very reasonable amount of breaks and I bet the class went really fast. There is so much information and because it is both lecture and lab together, he broke it up lecture/lab/lecture/lab during the day so that you were moving around and not just sitting all day taking notes.

I would imagine that one down side would be that you need to stay on top of your studying yourself. You really will need to pace yourself because a weeks worth of material is a lot in that class.

My prof was Aiken. There were people who didn't care for him. he wasn't easy. However, he was fair in his expectations and flexible if you discussed tings with him. Not to be afraid of.


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