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Ok, I'm moderately computer literate, but I need some advice on this one! I'm buying a scanner and I want to use it to make flash cards of textbook illustrations onto blank index cards. How do I do this? Also, I'm planning to get a Visioneer scanner for around $40. Will this meet my needs for flash cards, or will I need something with more features? Thanks for the help! :)


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ShyViolet....When you get those flash cards will you send me a copy? I've taken A&P before but I had to drop because I had a baby. I'm taking it again now (after having 5 kids!) and I'm kind of nervous. Any help would be appreciated!


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I'm not much help on how to scan them, but that would be useful, I'm in first semester A&P myself. You could shoot me a copy too if you figure out how to make them! [email protected]


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Shyviolet I am not familiar with the visoneer scanner but what you need is a flat bed scanner. In New Zealand , mustek is a cheap brand of scanner which will do what you want. The scanner comes with its own softwear which you install and is very simple to use . I hope this helps you.


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This is a great site... has games to review systems etc... although I don't think there are any flashcards. http://www.quia.com/dir/med/ Search around they also have drug calc games etc...


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Thanks for the heads up on the link on flash cards. I just added the link to my favorites list.:)

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