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If you had all your ducks in a row and felt you were a good canidate, CCRN cert. worked a yr. in C.C. would you apply to a program that specificly states "rarely is someone invited for an interview with only 1 yr C.C. experience in ICU"? They want expert clinicians. But if you've planned every momment from the time you graduated nursing school to get the extra science courses, CCRN cert. would you do it? Just curious if there was a hidden message in their statement. After finishing everything I need to do, I'll have 1 1/2 yrs experience when applying ,closer to two if and when excepted. Just wondering if applying before I have two yrs. under my belt would be a waste of time because they state it on their website.


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You need to absolutely apply. Most schools will not rule you out as an interview candidate for less than 1 year ICU/CCU experience. I know some that have been accepted and only had 6 months experience by their interview date. Go ahead and apply. You have nothing to lose. Remember, the worst thing that can happen is for them to say no! Good Luck!


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When I read their website I saw it and thought I wonder if they are saying DOn't apply because you have no chance. I wonder if other schools post such things?"rarely is someone invited for an interview with only 1 yr C.C. experience in ICU"? They want expert clinicians


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The key word is rarely--so GO FOR IT! Who knows, you just may get an interview, and that is invaluable experience even if you don't get in. Good luck!


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Hey! I think your post was about info you got off of UTC's website...Well, no worries. I graduated from nursing school in May 2002, went to the ER for 7 months and then to an ICU for a year this January and I got an interview at UTC---My interview is on the 24th of January....I will let you know how it goes! But definitely go ahead and apply!


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Thanx to all for offering advice. To tigergrl, please do let us know. I' can't wait to here your experience... GOOOOOOD Luck :)

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