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Anybody here work at UMC in Cheyenne? What's your opinion on the hospital and does anybody know their starting RN wages???... Read More

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    That hospital is Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. I did clinicals there as a nursing student.
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    Quote from bjb_wyo
    Hi - nice to hear a question about Cheyenne. I start in July at UMC - the $20.50 is for graduate nurses and goes to about $22.50 when you get your RN. Also they have options for relocation/recruitment bonus and education bonus for associate degree. The reimbursement for RN/BSN is very good and the training looks great. I am in the "Critical Care Pathway" which is ICU, Tele, PACU and ED, a great opportunity for a graduate nurse. Good luck and keep in touch.
    Since you are doing the critcal you anything about the Progrssive Care Unit? I have an interview there. I was told it is a 6 bed unit and then you train there first then ICU. Thanks,