Wound care position interview help. Please read!

  1. Hello all, I need some help from the wound care nurses out there. I landed an interview (to be held 12/16) for an "Administrative Treatment LPN" position and after speaking with the DON about it a little further it sounds like a wound care position. According to him, the position entails measuring wounds, veryifying/obtaining new orders, MDS inputs, new admissions, care conferences, etc.
    I'm a little hesitant as this will be my first LPN job since I got my license in July of this year but I've been a surgical tech/PCA for the last 8 years so I'm not a newbie to the healthcare field. I loved my rotations with the tx nurses in the LTC facilities where we had clinicals and am so excited to have gotten an interview!

    Should I find it odd that the DON called me initially late on a Tuesday afternoon and left a voicemail and then called me AGAIN at 8:45 the next morning to set up an interview? In my entire working life I've never had that happen.

    Also, what are some questions I could ask in the interview that are going to knock his socks off?
    I pulled up info about the facility on medicare.gov and also pulled up info about some of the facilities I did clinicals at (which, incidentally are part of the same corporation) to get an idea about some of the basics so I'm going to bring that up and ask some questions about that. I have a list of some other basic interview questions (orientations, performance reviews, what will the incoming nurse have to address immediately, wound care cert in the future). I've studied a lot of the posts on this forum and have found several websites as initial references and have a list of books that I will definitely be obtaining should I get this job.

    Sorry for the long post, I know you guys are awesome and can help me think of the things I haven't thought of yet. Thanks!
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