What capacity does a WOC nurse work?

  1. I am very interested in pursuing this as future employment. I understand that I must take some classes (after my BSN and some experience) and be tested to become board certified to work as a WOC nurse. But in what way does one work? I used to work as a treatment nurse in a nursing home. Once per month a WOC nurse would come and would go over the wounds with me and give me suggestions and offer inservices to the staff, but what did she do the rest of the month? I think she was employed by the pharmacy that did the nursing home's "stock meds". Also in what OTHER capacities does one work? Where else can a WOC nurse work, what does one do there and how much autonomy does one have?
    Also, where are classes offered for certification and is there a master's program that is based on WOC nursing?
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