vac question, and xcell question

  1. Hi. I am a student in the webwoc program. I am very excited, and love it. I have a few questions that I have not had answered, maybe they are wanting me to wait until clinicals for this...but I want to know NOW!!! LOL...

    wound vacs. who likes KCI, and who likes the blue sky? I like KCI, but my facility wants to change to blue sky because the DON does not like the rep. I told her that is not fair to not choose a product because you do not like the rep. but a question is patient had a woundvac, but found out has osteo in the bone. so it was removed before he came to us, (ltc) now we are treating him with antibiotics. I know you cannot place a wound vac on untreated osteo, but he is being treated. can we ever put the wound vac back on? his wound does show his bone also.

    another question. The LTC wants me to use some xcell....they ordered it. I have never worked with it...has anyone ever worked with this product?

    I am the "head" of the wound team, taking over from some LPN's who have done great, but looking to me for more information.

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  3. by   cookie102
    can you direct your question to KCI,,,i do believe you can't put the vac directly over bone, you have to put adaptic first then the foam.
  4. by   bebop1
    I thought somewhere I have either place adaptic or was told to do that if bone. thanks! I will try and contact KCI and ask them!!

    thanks...anyone have any info on xcell? the wound product