septic and aseptic wound dress-room differences

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    Can somebody explain me septic and aseptic wound dress-room differences main differences???????

    Urgently needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi tariq_ze,

    Can you please clarify if you mean aseptic, sterile, or clean? Are you asking about the protocol for dressing changes?

    May I ask: What information are you seeking; and then perhaps we can help direct a bit further.
    Are you a Nurse? A few details with regard to situation, and background would be very helpful.

    Follow Your Bliss
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    I have never heard of a septic wound care. Sepsis is bad. There is clean and sterile technique.
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    And I'm pretty sure the room doesn't matter to be honest ... It's just for example PICC dressings are sterile technique and ulcers are clean technique
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    Wound dressing room for septic (infected) wounds, and wound dressing room for noninfected wounds ------------>diferrences
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    Are u in the US ? I have not heard this idea of different 'rooms'...
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