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  1. ]I have a question. I work in a LTC facility and we are treating a cellulitis wound with Xeroform and Kling as prescribed by her wound care Dr. There is a big discussion on the proper application of the Xeroform. One side of the discussion is that it can be applied to the entire area of the wound including the good skin surrounding the wound without any problems to the good skin. And the other side of the discussion is that it should not be applied to good skin because it traps moisture on the good skin making it "mushy" and susceptible to further breakdown. What are your thoughts or experiences with this type of treatment? Thank you in advance for your help with this.
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  3. by   1studentnurse
    This page ( has some info on different wound issues, including Xeroform gauze.

    In my experience, Xeroform is used along incision lines or over skin grafts (graft area only). It should not be moistened prior to application.

    This is the information from Kendall, one of the manufacturers of this product. (
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    I am on the wound care team at a LTC facility, I love xeroform, it works great for many reasons, and yes, it is used alot with burn victims. With any product using on a wound it should be cut to size. We have a great physician on board with us, and works at the local wound care clinic, and it was she who schooled me on proper technique. Even our aquacel ag, so many times I will do a dressing change for example pressure area lateral ankle apporx. 1X1, and I will find almost a 2x2 size of aquacel, it only needs to be the size of the wound bed, so we avoid mascerating healthy tissue. I treat my xeroform the same way, I fit to the size of the wound bed, and sometimes with skin tears this can be tricky, but we nurses are very creative!!!! I hope this helps.
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    where i can get this medication? we tried all the pharmacys in hillsboro texas and no one has it!!!!!!!!! my husband need it!!!!!!!!!!!!