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I am hoping this is OK to post. I am a LTC nurse caring for a patient with a perpetually leaking old PEG site. They have had the PEG removed and placed in a different area, and now, the old site refuses to close. It leaks to... Read More

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    If you can't get an order to reinsert and clamp, it might be worthwhile to try a urostomy bag if the drainage is thin enough. If it is a copious amount, you can connect the urostomy bag to a foley drainge bag. At least that way the patient's skin would not be exposed to the harsh fluids that are draining. Also a good way to provide concrete numbers regarding drainage rather than just telling the md it is draining a lot.
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    You guys are great- I will bring up all of your suggestions in the AM meeting- I appreciate everyone's input
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    What was the final solution, out of curiosity
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    Put an ostomy pouch over it

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