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    I need advice on one of my residents. His ostomy continuously keeps on leaking. I started this position of wound care nurse at a LTC facility for about 9 months and am completely new to wounds. I dont really know much about ostomys either. My resident's abdomen is completely raw, due to the leakage. any recommendations on what ointment to apply to help with the rawness? Also what is the best technique to apply the ostomy on a raw skin? Its so bad, the resident wont let anyone touch him....

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    Have you tried applying an adhesive spray or stoma paste to the area? The adhesive spray works wonders; I have a patient who's ostomy continously leaked. We started using an adhesive spray around the stoma, as well as applying a stoma paste around the area when the stoma would protude - he very rarely experiences any leakages. If the skin where you would apply the ostomy wafer is excoriated, sprinkle a pectin-based powder, such as Stomahesive Powder, around the area, then sealed w/a sealant, such as skin prep.
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    Hi there!

    I've been using a series of products from a company called Trio Healthcare. Before I used them I had similar problems to your patient but they've made my life so much easier since I began with them. There's Niltac which is an adhesive removal spray. This is by far the best product I've used. You spray it on the tape and it literally falls off the wound which is a godsend that any ostomate would appreciate.

    Secondly - Silesse which is a skin barrier and stops it getting damaged by the glue.

    Lastly there's Trio Diamonds which is a packet of stuff you add to your bag and it neutralises the odor and prevents ballooning.

    I hope this helps you and your patient!